Outsource Telemarketing to Avoid These 7 Challenges of In-House Facility

Businesses outsource their telemarketing needs to a professional company because the establishment and maintenance of an in-house telemarketing facility is in itself a challenge. The installation of the required telemarketing equipment and training of an effective telemarketing staff demands the expenditure of a considerable amount of resources. It might not be impossible for companies to make the entire arrangement themselves but it is indispensable for them to have a certain level of maturity and preparedness to face the challenge of training an entirely new team.

While chalking out the blueprint and implementing the process, businesses should consider the following factors to ensure a successful telemarketing operation within the company:

1. Proficiency in conversation: The telemarketing callers being hired and trained should attain a high level of proficiency in the way they conduct telephone calls with clients. They should speak with clarity and correctness in language and should be well aware of the comments appropriate for business calls. Proper care should be taken to inculcate refinement in their speech that befits any business call. Such professionalism in speech and mannerism are the starting point of successful telemarketing call.

2. Compliance to rules and regulations: The noose of telemarketing rules and regulations are always being tightened by regional and national governments. It is important that you comply with the rules all the time. To ensure this, the management of the company has to keep abreast with the changing rules and communicate them in a timely manner to all the in-house telemarketing staff. This may pose a challenge to any in-house telemarketing facility.

3. Familiarity with product: Any telemarketing caller should have good knowledge about the product or service he is trying to sell over the phone. In-house callers have a definite advantage here as they are already well acquainted with the product or service in question. But it is also important that they are kept abreast with any new development happening or product being launched so that they are able to speak to the clients as true representatives of the company.

4. Scripted conversation: Telemarketing callers are provided with a guideline they have to adhere to in form of a scripted conversation with a customer. The script is carefully designed and framed to evoke a positive response from a client. The mark of a good caller is that she roughly keeps track of the script but sounds natural at the same time. In-house callers need to be trained well to follow the guideline as far as possible.

5. Incremental approach: The success of a call depends largely on the way a client is engaged in conversation. From arousing the customer’s interest in the product to extracting information and persuading the client to make the purchase, the conversation should be carried out in a progressive manner. Abrupt attempt at trying to close a deal in the first few seconds of the call will only annoy the client and abort the call.

6. Taking rejection in stride: It is a part of a telemarketing caller’s job to be able to accept rejection from clients. Every call need not result in closing a deal. The attempt should be to try and improve the ratio of successful calls which is what telemarketing is all about. A telemarketing professional should possess the perseverance to keep calling despite facing repeated rejection. This quality may not come through training alone but is an important part of any telemarketing training.

7. Client-based approach: Telemarketers have to deal with a wide variety of audience through their calls and it is a part of their job description to adjust their approach according to the customers they are dealing with. Business-to-consumer calls, for example, need an entirely different kind of approach than the business-to-business calls. Callers have to factor in these complexities on a day-to-day and call-to-call basis.

Thus, in trying to choose between setting up an in-house telemarketing facility and outsourcing the entire process to a professional telemarketing company the challenges and costs involved in training the entire staff has to be taken into consideration.

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7 Ways To Use Double-Sided Tape In Construction Applications

Double-sided tape is any tape that is coated with adhesive on both sides. Designed to stick two surfaces together without being seen, these versatile tapes deliver neater-looking projects and better craftsmanship. And unlike screws or rivets – which join materials at a single point – high-strength double-sided tape permanently adheres one substrate to another while spreading the stress load.

Sounds great, right!? Yet, much like everything else on the job site, choosing the right double-sided tape for the specific application is not as easy as it sounds. Whether you’re bonding glass, wood, steel, concrete, foam, and/or plastic together, it’s important to understand the materials you are bonding. Concrete with a textured surface is going to require more adhesive strength than, say, carpet padding.

Best Uses for Double-Sided Tape in Construction

Outside of materials, it’s also important to understand the field conditions. A product that you used in spring or summer might not work in sub-zero winter. Ice, rain, humidity, heat, UV, and dirt are all factors to consider when choosing the right tape or, more importantly, preventing tape failure. For more on this, check out our infographic, The Secret to Choosing the Right Tape.

That said, we are thrilled to see more and more tape being used in construction applications, especially since adhesive technology has come a long way. As more and more builders start to focus on seaming the building envelope and getting improved HERS scores, tape is fast becoming a way to get the job done well. Here are just some of the construction applications where double-sided tape plays a major role and we expect more and more in the future.

Overlap housewrap seams. Here’s the deal: single-sided tape used to seal housewrap may allow water to migrate behind the tape, and ultimately into the structure. Using a roller to bond the tape may help, but the better solution is to use double-sided tape as a housewrap tape so you can overlap seams and ensure no water gets through.

Overlap vapor barrier seams and attach them to cement walls in crawlspaces. More and more builders are putting vapor barriers down in crawlspaces to seam the building envelope as even in the basement there is air leakage. You can also use a high-performance double-sided vapor barrier tape to attach the barrier to the walls instead of using screws.

Overlap any flooring underlayment including sound attenuation barriers. With more buildings becoming airtight, sound is becoming a big issue. Use double-sided tape for any flooring underlayment including sound attenuation materials.

Permanently attach insulation to walls. Use double-sided insulation tape to attach insulation to the building and ensure it sticks.

Temporarily mount something prior to permanently fastening. Temporary double-sided tape is the perfect solution to hold something in place while you permanently mount it. Examples include light switch junction boxes; electrical panels; electronic thermostats; baseboards; and crown moldings.

Floor protection. Often you need to cover floors or walkways with carpets or floorboards to protect the surface while construction is underway. Our double-coated carpet tape features an aggressive adhesive system that’s perfect for carpet hold-down but will leave no residue once removed.

Easy installation of building materials. More and more manufacturers are making their products with double-sided tape for easy installation. As labor shortage becomes a big issue, finding ways to save installation time is becoming critical.

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Does an Organization Need Leased Line

In the world of the internet where businesses are ever-evolving, ILL, is, a newcomer. Yet, there is something about it that drew the attention of both start-up and big-size business owners. Strong Internet connectivity is something that every business can thrive without, especially businesses with a lot of client interaction, as well as making transactions over a large area.

Today every enterprise is looking for high-speed internet service is often choosing Leased Line for internet access. But, ILL is not exactly just another internet connection.

Broadband VS. Leased Lines

Both ISP and leased line companies offer net accessibility for a fixed subscription charge. But broadbands are a matter of contention among the different users. In the case of an ILL, there is a dedicated connection between the ISP’s exchange and connection premises. ISP, though a bit expensive, can handle several networks at a time. Thus they are more cost-effective.

Best Time to Go For a Leased Line

Enterprises who need to stay connected to their distant offices generally trust ILL. Unlike broadband, an ILL connection is going to be overactive. It is not too expensive. The rate of the subscription generally depends on factors like the distance between sender and receiver, as well as the speed.


An ILL is what every small and medium-sized business looking for today. The main advantage is that the other businesses are not going to share the connection. Thus, the bandwidth fixed by the ISP and is not going to fluctuate even during peak office hours.


Although beneficial, ILL tends to offer limited flexibility. Also, they have a fixed capacity.

Would Lease Line Work for Your Business?

After knowing briefly about Internet Lease Lines and their other alternatives, you do have the final say about giving it a try. There are a few more things that you might consider. For example, having a leased line could be expensive and not that fitting if you have fewer employees. Again, it can be the best solution if your office activities require a lot of internet-related works. Once you consider all the factors, you will know which option to go for.

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3 Tips For the Network Marketing Newbie

Here’s a bit of advice for all of you who are just starting your MLM or Direct Sales businesses.

It’s extremely important to have a plan of action, especially in the beginning. You could end up doing a lot of hard work, that takes up a lot of your valuable time, which ultimately amounts to nothing without a proper plan in place. And we don’t want to see that happen, do we? No, I didn’t think so. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Tip #1 – Start Out Slow

You may be thinking, “Well Duh, I don’t know anything yet, so I kind of have no choice but to start out slow.”

If so, good. You are giving yourself tremendous advice.

The reason I suggest this, first and foremost, is I do not want to see you totally overwhelm yourself when just starting out. Your chances of surviving, and even thriving, increase a hundred fold if you just take your time and ease your way into the business. You are not running a race. Just relax and take your time. Everything else will fall into place.

What you should be doing is gobbling up as much training as you can. I can’t stress this enough. Learn everything you can about marketing your new business, but only take your favorite one or two techniques and begin implementing them.

With that said, I’d like to direct your attention to:

Tip #2 – Don’t Procrastinate.

They is key to everyone who is successful, whether that success be in a business or personal area. Once you learn the things you need to do to market your business, you must begin to act on them right away.

But don’t get overwhelmed. Take baby steps.

For example – If you are starting out with article marketing, first make a commitment to yourself that you will consistently write one or two articles a week. As you feel more comfortable doing this and you start building momentum, begin to write more articles. Before you know it, you’ll be writing one or two articles a day, and you’ll be making a ton of sales and branding yourself as an expert in your field all at the same time.

Pretty cool, right?

My final tip for the Network Marketing Newbie is:

Tip #3 – Be authentic in everything you do.

If you show your prospects that you genuinely care about them and their needs you will never fail in this business, or any other for that matter.

The most important thing to learn about marketing and sales is: What your prospects are really buying is YOU!!

That’s right, I said you.

If you can prove to them that you are honest, trustworthy, and have their best interests at heart, then you are well on your way to a extraordinary career as a network marketer.

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The Six Principles to Succeed With Your Network Marketing Internet Business

If You want to participate in the most massive growth in your own network marketing internet business, You need to understand these 6 principles of success. This is network marketing internet business simplified.

Principle # 1: The Law Of CLEAR VISION

You have to know what is it you want from your business and you’ve got to have it down on paper in the clearest form you could possibly imagine. It must be dated and there must be a way to track it.

You have to know exactly how much money you want to make from your network marketing internet business and you must have a strategic plan on how to get there. If you do not have written goals and a strategic plan you will not make it in this industry.

Principle #2: The Law of DIRECT ACTION

We only make money from two things:

· Selling our services or products

· Recruiting mastermind marketers (also called distributors)

Therefore 100% of all creative energy must be focused towards the direct simple actions that will result in new sales or new recruits. You have to ask yourself every time you do something in your business whether it is marketing or calling friends and family, is this resulting in new customers or new distributors.

If you fail to do this your business is declining.

Principle #3: The Law of SIMPLE SYSTEMS

A simple system will help build your network marketing internet business. Your team will grow faster, stronger and larger and it most certainly will last longer if all strategies are reduced down to the simplest possible steps.

People need to know what to do next and it must be broken down to the most basic form so they could take it and explain it to an 8 year old child and implement it tomorrow and start getting results in a month.

The simpler your system is the more people it will attract because they will see that you have a plan.

Principle #4: The Law of LEADERSHIP

People will only listen to your actions, they will never listen to what you say. So show them what to do, how to do it and that it gets results BY DOING IT IN FRONT OF THEM. Because that is ALL they will hear.

“This is what I’m doing, it’s working so DO THIS!”

That is the only kind of training that people will ever, ever, ever duplicate, and it’s the only kind of training people will ever hear.

If you are trying to teach people how to get a $10 000 per month check, you’d better have a $10 000 per month check. If you don’t, you need to introduce your people to people who do have these kind of checks.

This is the law of leadership. People will only hear you if you are a profitable and if you are not you’ve got to plug them into somebody who is and that person they WILL HEAR and LISTEN to.

Principle #5: The Law of OUTSOURCING

This is the hidden key to freedom in your network marketing internet business. You do not want to babysit your downline.

So before YOU call YOUR sponsor and ask them a question, first ask this:

1. If you had 100 people in on your front line would you like to be answering questions like this all day?

2. Is there an expert or a customer service that can answer this question or is there a training I could listen to in order to get it answered? f.ex if you don’t know how to upload a video to YouTube then go to YouTube and type in “how to upload a video to YouTube” and you can learn it there in 3 minutes by yourself instead of taking your sponsors valuable time. Remember that we only make money from two things selling our services or recruiting mastermind marketers.

Do you want to be on the phone babying people all day or do you want to make money in your network marketing internet business.

3. Would this question have more value to the team if it was answered in a group setting

That is why it is so important to have a system that has all these simple steps so you can plug your distributors into it instead of you having to answer all questions hundreds of times.

Principle #6: the Law of MOMENTUM

It is EASIER to build FAST than it is to build SLOW.

You need to run in your business

You need to create success stories

You need to have a $5000 check in the next 3 months if you’re brand new and part time

You need to have a $10 000 check in the next 6 months.

The more you work the faster you move, the faster people will want to come into your organization the less resistance you will have in your recruiting and the easier it will be to bring leaders into your business.

The easier it will be to train your team on what to do and the more your team will produce all on their own without you being there to babysit them.

These were The Six Principles To Succeed With Your Network Marketing Internet Business so go out and implement them.

Anita de Santiago is an Internet Marketer devoted to show you how to start an online business.

She is a member of a new affiliate program and get 100% affiliate commissions and you too could have the money deposited directly into your bank account when a sale is made.

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MLM Recruiting – 7 Reasons Why You Must Use Article Marketing As a Main Marketing Strategy

Building a large MLM downline is the main goal of anyone involved with an MLM business opportunity. To do this you must implement consistent recruiting efforts using your favorite marketing strategy. My favorite marketing strategy is content marketing using article writing as the central theme. Here’s my top 7 reasons why you should use article writing as one of your main MLM recruiting strategies.

1- Directly Advertise Your Product or Service

Article marketing allows you to directly advertise your product, service or expertise without being “sales like”. You’re allowed to showcase the best of what you represent and tell people directly, or indirectly why they should join your team.

2 – Drive Traffic to Your Website

Writing and posting articles in article directories gives you the opportunity to post an active link to any website you choose. This brings you targeted, highly qualified leads that already feel like they know you.

3 – Establish Yourself As An Expert

People believe what they read and automatically assume the author is an established expert on the topic. Everyone wants to hang out with the best. Positioning yourself as an expert about a niche topic in your field is one of the fastest ways to become an MLM recruiting superstar.

4 – Create Back Links to Your Website

Each article you write and post to article directories creates a link. The more links you create the higher you will rank in the search engines. One of the quickest ways to the first page of Google is a high number of back links.

An added benefit is that ezines and other blogs will pick up your content for their sites. This further increases your number of back links and further establishes your expertise.

5 – Establish A Mini-Sales Force For Your Business

When you write and post an article it remains on the web indefinitely. Where ever your article is posted it remains there acting like a highly knowledgeable, friendly sales person eager to share your business expertise and creditability. The more articles you write, the bigger your sales force. Imagine having 60 highly competent, enthusiastic sales people (articles) talking about your business 24/7 across the globe!

6 – Position Yourself As A Leader

People are automatically attracted to those who portray themselves as leaders. Leaders are positive and inspirational. Let that be evident in your writing especially when talking about subjects that you are good at. Acting like and becoming a leader is one of the main requirements in building a large and profitable downline.

7 – Increase Your Self-Confidence

Recruiting a large downline for your MLM requires a positive mindset and a large degree of confidence. People want to join under leaders that know what they are doing and exude confidence. Research and write articles about subjects that will help you become a better leader, or help you connect with people more easily, or allow you to steam line your business activities. The more you know, the more able you are to share and give value to your potential recruits, team and for that matter the world.

Writing and posting articles is one of the absolute best strategies for MLM recruiting. If you want the complete article marketing blueprint that will allow you to dominate the search engines in a matter of days for any keyword click the following link and you will quickly and easily become an MLM recruiting master.

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Tafiti Consulting Helped Me With My Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing

Tafiti consulting has been a tremendous benefit to help me become successful with my affiliate marketing home based business. Tafiti gave me the tools and the knowledge to become successful. I truly am thankful that I used there services.

First I learned how to become a successful business owner with eBay.com and sold many products. It was challenging at times but they kept me focused and directed on the right path to success.

After the success I had with eBay.com I moved on to building my own website. You too can do this with the right training and direction as they gave me. I created 3 successful online websites and had a work from home job that gave me the opportunity to earn an extra income.

Now I am in to the affiliate marketing process of learning how to market and to earn more money on top of what I already have. I have to give the credit to Tafiti consulting for all the efforts they have given me. You too can become successful with your online network marketing website, or own your own home business.

The keys to success to affiliate marketing and owning your own home based business is just a click away. Tafiti has helped me become successful in life. Not to mention you need a good team of supporters that can coach you and help you become one of the most successful network marketers on the internet. Follow your heart and say yes to success.

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Email Marketing Dos and Don’ts

The ability to write successful e-marketing campaigns is an art that must be practiced and perfected. The following dos and don’ts will help you start out.


- Use Headlines and subject lines to grab the reader’s attention. This is the most important part of your email. If your subject line does not intrigue the reader, they will not open it.

- Keep your message clear. Determine what points you want it to cover, and talk only about those. Incorporate Bullet points where necessary

- Include Headlines and sub-headlines throughout the body of your email. This helps the reader to determine what would be of interest to them

- Use bold and italics to emphasise any words and grab the readers attention

- Use images. It is a proven fact that the human mind is more attracted to pictures than text. Use this to your advantage.

- Include call-to-actions, eg. Click here for more info

- Get feedback from somebody who doesn’t work for your company


- Use headlines to sell your product directly, eg. take advantage of this special offer!

- Ramble on or go off on a tangent, this will cause the reader to lose interest

- Sell directly in the email, re-direct them to your website. Your website should be capable of selling for you.

- Use long paragraphs. Keep them short, it is proven that people skip over long text, whereas if you use the same amount of words, but split it up into smaller paragraphs, this will improve your readability

- Type anywhere in your email in all caps. This is considered SHOUTING in the digital world. If you want to emphasise something, use ** or bold text.

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Direct Linking Or a Landing Page?

One of quickest methods of making money on-line is through Affiliate marketing. Strictly speaking, you do not need to own a product in order to sell on the Internet as there are a few market places that give you the opportunity to promote their products for a commission. This could be physical goods like tea cups, books, aircraft and a host of others. Or they may be digital products like electronic books popularly known as e-books and other down loadable items.

Clickbank market place is a great source of electronic products. The process of choosing and promoting one of their products can be completed in a relatively short time. Let us say in a matter of hours if you dedicate time to it or a couple of days if you choose to space out your time.

A great place for physical products is eBay, and that too is an equally easy and straight forward, step by step procedure. Commission earned selling these products range from twenty five to seventy five percent. Some of them even earn you recurring payments, so it is worth checking carefully what is on offer.

Having selected the product you intend to market, you now have two easy choices. One, to send prospective buyers directly to the merchant page with your hoplink embedded in the connection, or two, to get the prospects to your landing page which is like a mini website, where you may have a chance to collect their details with an opt-in form, show the visitors other related products just in case they do not buy the original.

Most importantly, a landing page offers an Affiliate the opportunity to customize to a product. What this means is that you get to pre-sell to your visitors using your unique skills as opposed to the merchants approach which may not be quite suitable to your unique visitors. Most merchants’ sales pages are usually quite neutral. Therefore creating a branded landing page would help give credibility and confidence to your visitors.

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The Greatest Marketing Insight You’ll Ever Read That is Really Profitable

This is a powerful article. Why? because I’m going to show you the greatest marketing insight that you can learn as an entrepreneur.

The fact is not even a $50,000 college education teach this in their marketing classes. Are you ready?

The most important marketing insight you’ll ever had is that the most important asset you’ll ever had in your business is:

Your customers list!

There you have it. It sounds simple, however if you ask many entrepreneurs, especially starting entrepreneurs they’ll say that their most important asset is their systems, their intellectual property, etc… Don’t get me wrong they are important, however here is why the customers list is the most important asset.

Because without customers you have no business and also…because if you have a customer list of people who love your product or service this is the perfect opportunity to market to them over and over again with relevant offers.

I’ll give you a bonus marketing insight, it’s called the backend. The backend means the promotions you can offer a list of customers after you sell them once. The first offer you’ll ever promote to any prospect it’s called the front-end.

The front-end is most of the time the less profitable offer because you have to absorb also the marketing costs of acquiring a customer. After that if you did a good job in offering an great product or service and you create a relationship with the customer, you can then market to them directly offering them what is called your backend offers.

You can send your backend offers via direct mail, telemarketing, fax and email. That is why it’s so important even if you have a retail store to get the customers information when they make their purchase. At least their name, address, phone number and email address.

That is gold my friend, so use it wisely. Now if you are interesting in knowing about my Fast Cash Generators for free, which are basically things you can do right now in your business or your starting business that will not even cost a penny but will get you 587% more profit by just knowing them and applying them then…

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